Turnkey, also spelled as Turn Key and Turn-key, typically means “Ready to use”. It refers to an object that isRead More


Simply, a mortgage is a loan to purchase your home. A bank or mortgage lender gives you money to buyRead More


Project is a limited-time venture, planned with a set of tasks to achieve desired goal or goals which is notRead More


Refinance or refinancing is the process of acquiring a new mortgage to pay off the balance of an existing mortgage.Read More


Zoning is a regulatory approach to control how land or real estate of an area would be used. It dividesRead More

refi bubble

Refi bubble is referred to such a period when a significant number of existing mortgages are refinanced to take theRead More

spot zoning

Spot zoning is one kind of zoning variance. It is the process of singling out a plot of land orRead More