Financial Statement

Financial statements are a set of four most significant reports of a business corporation or of an organization. It tellsRead More


Simply, a mortgage is a loan to purchase your home. A bank or mortgage lender gives you money to buyRead More

cashless society

Cashless society is an economic concept where financial transactions are executed in an electronic format rather using banknote. In aRead More


Project is a limited-time venture, planned with a set of tasks to achieve desired goal or goals which is notRead More


Market is a physical place or a virtual place accessible through the internet where sellers and buyers of particular productsRead More


LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered Rate (aka ICE LIBOR) is the benchmark interest rate for interbank short-term unsecured loans.Read More


Finance is the discipline of study that basically deals with money, management of money, and the value of money overRead More


Refinance or refinancing is the process of acquiring a new mortgage to pay off the balance of an existing mortgage.Read More

refi bubble

Refi bubble is referred to such a period when a significant number of existing mortgages are refinanced to take theRead More